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Sanding machines

Machine tools suitable for smoothing wood through tapes, discs and abrasive roller

Sanding Machines BDS9

Sanding Machines BDS9 by Damatomacchine

Sanding machine for wood with abrasive belt and disk powered by a single-phase motor 1 CV
(Cod: DMLE004)

(VAT Included)

Sanding Machine Star 100

Sanding Machine Star 100 by Damatomacchine

Sanding machine with cast iron tables, abrasive roller and automatic mechanism of self-oscillation of balanced pulleys: The belt can be tilted in any angle
(Cod: DMLE002)

(VAT Included)

Sanding Machine Levigaltecnica 410

Sanding Machine Levigaltecnica 410 by Damatomacchine

Sanding machine with abrasive roller and automatic feed plane powered by a singlephase motor 1100 W
(Cod: DMLE003)

(VAT Included)

Sanding Machine Levigaltecnica 560

Sanding Machine Levigaltecnica 560 by Damatomacchine

Sander abrasive roller and automatic drag the element to be smoothed with variable speed and 2 independent motors
(Cod: DMLE007)

(VAT Included)

Sanding machine Sb 108 Model

Sanding machine Sb 108 Model by Damatomacchine

Sander professional type with abrasive belt sliding swivel table standing cast iron
(Cod: DMLE006)

(VAT Included)

Professional Sanding Machine Olimpic

Professional Sanding Machine Olimpic by Damatomacchine

Sander was suitable for long boards of wood characterized by a carpentry thick iron and balanced pulleys
(Cod: DMLE001)

(VAT Included)