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Combo metalworking machine with distance between centers of 440 mm, maximum turning diameter of 430 mm, the milling head 360° rotating and adjustable height, cross slide-table with manually, single-phase motor 750 W


Combo metalworking lathe-milling machine Master 400 TR by Damatomacchine


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This metalworking machine combo has function of lathe, milling and drilling. Like the base version the TR model has distance between centers of the lathe is of 440 mm and the maximum swing over bed is 430 mm. The cross slide-table always has manually movement but but differently from the basic model in this version the milling head is rotable and with adjustable height. Thanks to this particular, it allows you to perform many more and precise milling operations. The motor is a single-phase 750 W It sold in standard version with a 3-jaw chuck lathe, a 3-jaw milling chuck, the tailstock with a dead center and the basement. On request it's also possible to buy the follow rest and the steady rest like all the other optional accessories


Combo metalworking lathe-milling machine Master 400 TR by Damatomacchine Combo metalworking lathe-milling machine Master 400 TR by Damatomacchine Combo metalworking lathe-milling machine Master 400 TR by Damatomacchine

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Braised tool kit for working the iron 10 mm

With 6 brazed tools size 10x10 mm, ideal for iron working
(Cod: DMACTF377)

34,00 €
(VAT Included)

Rotary tailstock lathe - Taper CM3

Rotary tailstock lathe with conical attack - Taper CM3
(Cod: DMACTF14)

54,00 €
(VAT Included)

Face milling cutter with 3 blades - Taper MT3

(Cod: DMACTF13)

105,00 €
(VAT Included)

Live center chuck - Taper CM3

Live center chuck with conical attack - Taper CM3
(Cod: DMACTF87)

76,00 €
(VAT Included)

Tailstock with keyless chuck - Taper CM3

Tailstock with keyless chuck with conical attack - Taper CM3
(Cod: DMACTF1014)

90,00 €
(VAT Included)

Milling chuck with 8 collets MT3 - (4-5-6-8-10-12-14-16 mm)

(Cod: DMACTF17)

144,00 €
(VAT Included)

End Mill Set 2 and 4 Flutes Cutting tool

The accessory is mountable ONLY and exclusively with the purchase and installation of the KIT 8 PLIERS CUTTER cod. DMACTF22 (MT2) or DMACTF17 (MT3) or DMACTF11 (MT4) depending on the model chosen machine
(Cod: DMACTF102)

270,00 €
(VAT Included)