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Professional woodworking machine composed by a Table Saw with circular blade Ø 315 mm, sliding carriage of 2100 mm, vertical spindle moulder and a Surface/Thickness Planner with Spindle lenght of 410 mm, 4 knives and mortiser integrated

COD: DMCS006 - EAN: 8056095440292

Professional woodworking combination machine model Split America PRO 2100-410 by Damatomacchine


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This split combination machine is composed of: TSI PROFESSIONAL 2100 (spindle moulder, circular saw, and morticer) + planer FSC 400 (surface-thicknesses planer, morticer). Table Saw has two independent motors (one that feeds the spindle moulder and one that powers the saw group). It has a large professional aluminium sliding table on a beam length of 2100 mm. Thanks to the engraver is possible to make cuts with an extreme precision. The surface-thicknesses planer has a spindle 400 mm with 3 planer knives powered by a motor 3 CV.


Professional woodworking combination machine model Split America PRO 2100-410 by Damatomacchine

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Dimensions with morticer and hand 2170 mm (lenght) x 1100 mm (width) x 850 (plane height)
Dimensions without morticer and guide 2170 mm (lenght) x 690 mm (width) x 850 (plane height)
Net weight 360 Kg
Pwowerful 3 hp
Type 1 Phase (220 V) (3 Phase on demand)
Number of Knives N° 3
Lenght of planer spindle 400 mm
Diameter of planer spindle 70 mm
Lenght of cast iron table 1000 mm
Type of table Tilt cast iron
Maximum working width 400 mm
Maximum working height 240 mm
Feeding Speed 7m/min
Max Removal with surface planer 4 mm
Stroke 100 mm
Table movement side to side 115 mm
Table movement front to back 80 mm
Surface width 360 mm
Size of cast iron table 360 x 210 mm
Rotation Clockwise
Dimensions with carriage 2150 mm (lenght) x 2700 (width)
Dimensions without carriage 1450 mm (lenght) x 1450 (width)
Dimensions beam close to the blade 2100 mm (lenght) x 310 (width)
Net wight 560 Kg
Saw Diameter 315 mm
Saw blade engrave Diameter 120 mm
Type Tolts from 0° to 45° - Hight adjustable
Speed Blade 3500 rpm
Maximum depth of cut 95 mm
Dimensions carriage 1200 x 600 mm
Type carriage The carriage runs on an alloy track close to the blade
Dimensions beam 2100 x 310 mm
Sliding carriage stroke 2700 mm
Type Vertical
Max spindle height 115 mm
30 mm
Max diameter spindle tooling 220 mm
Speeds 1900-3500-7000 rpm
Powerful 3 Hp
Voltage 1 Phase 220 V (3 Phase on demand)
Powerful 3 Hp
Voltage 1 Phase 220 V (3 Phase on demand)


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Saw Blade Z20/315 Ø 315 mm

Circular blade for wood type Widia with a diameter 15 mm and 20 teeths
(Cod: DMACSC5)

46,00 €
(VAT Included)

Saw Blade Z40/315 Ø 315 mm

Circular blade for wood type Widia with a diameter 315 mm and 40 teeths
(Cod: DMACSC6)

55,00 €
(VAT Included)

Saw Blade Z60/315 Ø 315 mm

Circular blade for wood di type Widia with a diameter 315 mm and 60 teeths
(Cod: DMACSC7)

70,00 €
(VAT Included)

Saw Blade Z80/315 Ø 315 mm

Circular blade for wood di type widia with a diameter 315 mm and 80 teeths
(Cod: DMACSC8)

79,00 €
(VAT Included)

Wheels kit moving machine

Wheels kit moving machine
(Cod: DMAC055)

112,00 €
(VAT Included)

Mortising bits set

Mortising bits set chuck capacity of 16 mm - left rotation
(Cod: DMAC061)

70,00 €
(VAT Included)

Universal cutter head set Ø 100

Box equipped with one profile cutter head of Ø 100 and 7 profiles
(Cod: DMAC059)

217,00 €
(VAT Included)

Planner blade 410

In the box there are three planer knives with length of 410 mm
(Cod: DMRI036)

75,00 €
(VAT Included)

Adaptar cone 16 mm Ø 8

Adaptar cone 16 mm Ø 8 for universal router bits with stem 8 mm
(Cod: DMAC076)

51,00 €
(VAT Included)