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Conditions of sale for the purchase of machine tools, accessories and spare parts

Sales Conditions


The terms shown below are accepted by default when the customers order some products through shopping cart, email ore by phone
If there are same special conditions of sale from customers and DM Italia they means accepted only if they are expressly written in a contract.
More infromation and clarification about these terms of sale, delivery, returns and refunds, billing, guarantees can be requested by email ( writing to ) or by telephone (to this number: 0039 0331 333422)

Availability in stock

All products that allow the direct purchase through shopping cart, are available for sale as located and stored in the headquarters of Dm Italy Srl. The timing of preparation are indicated in the product sheets. If the card product does not bear the shipping time, it should be noted that the preparation and shipment of the product can change from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 30 working days after receipt of payment.
The precise details regarding the time of packaging and shipping can be requested in advance by email to writing or by telephone by calling our switchboard ( Tel: 0039 0331 333422).
The products out of stock does not allow the direct purchase via electronic cart.


Except under specific conditions agreed in advance by writing, the products are always shipped by courier. If it isn't mentioned in shipment section on the website product details, the delivery shall be effected not later than 30 days after receipt of payment. The shipment can be monitored constantly through the website of the carrier making the delivery. At the time of shipment the customer receives an email (to the address provided by him) indicating the status of formal delivery and link tracking of the shipment.


The products shipped from Dm Italia Srl are shipped with Accompanying Invoice.
If a customer buy directly by the shopping cart without any communication, the invoice will be registered to the same person who made the payment (billing data will be acquired by paypal Account).

Returning and Refunding

Dm Italia Srl always recommend to check the conditions of the product spackaging that is receiving. Despite the utmost care and attention used by the staff of Dm Italia Srl in the manufacture and ship the packages, some inconvenience, can happen. For this reason Dm Italy srl suggests:
1) Check that the number of packages delivered are the same as indicated on the invoice or on the delivery note
2) Check the packaging and the closure strips are intact and unaltered.
3) If possible, unpack the product immediately and check that there are no hidden damage
In case of tampering and / or breaks, the Customer Service Dm Italy can be contacted by email or telephone (phone number and email are easily available on the website under the heading contact.
The customer that will receive the products defective, tampered or not complying with the order will immediately challenge the shipment by adding the words "subject to control for ... (indicate motivation) & quot; on the delivery document received by courier. After doing this, the customer will have to take contact with Dm Italia Srl (by phone or email) and explane to the staff what happened
The damaged products must be returned in 14 (fourteen) calendar days in original packaging. The customer who wants to return the product can avail benefit from his courier or ask them to send the carrier Dm Italy Srl.
The Reporting of products return will have to communicate no later than 14 days from receipt of the product.


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