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The Services offered

The Services that Dm Italia give to his customers: services for professional craftsmen and lovers of do-it-yourself that works wood and metal

Some of our principal services that we give to our customers:

1) Free customized special bid

2) Accurate assistance PRE and POST sale

3) Free customized Dispatches cost

4) All spare parts on our machines

5) Manuals on all machines

Manuale per macchine da legno
The detailed instruction guides will help you work more accurately and save time when assembling the machine and when executing the job.
DM ITALIA provides accurate instruction guides translated in the most widely spoken European languages. Due  to these instruction guides you will find that assembling a bandsaw,a woodworking combination machine, a sanding machine,a cut-off machine or any kind of woodworking machinery is in fact very easy.

DM ITALIA will not only provide instruction guides, but also video instructions as well, that will show you how to work wood properly, without taking risks.


DM ITALIA provides varied assistance that consists in  constant assistance via telephone and internet offering all the necessary information. With a qualified technical staff, DM ITALIA provides assistance for the customers who are passionate about woodworking machinery.


DM ITALIA is invincible as far as the promptitude in delivering the machines and  offering assistance by our technical staff. But DM ITALIA doesn’t outrun the others just because of the customers’ assistance and delivery.

Macchine per legno di corsaWe use to serve our customers very quickly!!!


The race that the company has been winning for the past two years is that of  developing new technologies.


The constant study of  woodworking combination machines, bandsaws and other woodworking machinery makes it a leader on this market.  

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