Dm Italia


Power Feeders

Power Feeders for woodworking machines: They can be applied to the combinetion machines, Sliding table saws and Spindle Moulders

Power Feeder Comatic MT3

Power Feeder Comatic MT3 by Damatomacchine

Power Feeder for combination machine with 3 rollers and single-phase motor 90 W
(Cod: DMUT005)

Power Feeder AF32

Power Feeder AF32 by Damatomacchine

Power Feeder for woodworking combination machines with three rollers, 4 selectable different speeds powered by a single-phase motor 190 W
(Cod: DMUT004)

Power Feeder AF 04

Power Feeder AF 04 by Damatomacchine

Power Feeder for a combination machine powered by a 750 W single-phase motor with 5 rollers that move a tow band with very high grip and traction, 4 selectable different speeds. (The three-phase model is also available)
(Cod: DMTS005)