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Woodworking machine 6 function with Jointer/planer wide of 260 mm, circular saw Ø 200 mm, single phase motor 1.100 W

COD: DMCI012 - EAN: 8056095440018

Woodworking combination machine 6 function model Cosmos Standard by Damatomacchine


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A small woodworking combination machine. It's characterized by a very affordable price, and is suitable for those who are approaching for the first time to the "do it your self woodworking" as it is a simple machine to use. Despite being a small car performs as many as 6 different processes. He plans aluminum and is compact and fully CE.
This Woodworking machine has a thickness planer of 154 mm in width, a circular saw with a diameter of 200 mm, a vertical spindle moulder and mortiser able to mount a cutter up to a maximum diameter of 13 mm. The machine is easily transportable by hand especially because its weight is less than 47 Kg


Woodworking combination machine 6 function model Cosmos Standard by Damatomacchine  Woodworking combination machine 6 function model Cosmos Standard by Damatomacchine

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Dimention with carriage + morticer 620 mm (height) x 850 mm (length) x 800 mm (width)
Net weight 46,5 kg
Length of slinding carriage

500 mm

Dimention carriage 120 x 740 mm
Shaft diameter

25 mm  foro 12 mm

Maximum shaft height 45 mm
Speed rotation 9000 rpm
Diametro Bussole per fresette

8-6 mm

Max. planing width 154 mm
Advance Rate 7 meters / min
Max cutting depth with single-pass 2,5 mm
Max planing width 154 mm
Max height planing 94 mm
Length plan 540 mm
Number of knives N° 2
Max cutting depth with single-pass 2 mm
Cut speed 6000 rpm
Max. diam. mountable miller 13 mm
Max. excursion of morticer in height 60 mm
Transversal stroke from left to right 100
Dimensions of plan 260 x 125 mm
Power 1100 W
Type 220 V (monophase)


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Stand for

Stand for for Combination Machine Cosmos
The image show the combination machine on the Stand for
(Cod: DMCI012B)

39,00 €
(VAT Included)

Sliding carriage by 1200 mm for combination machine Cosmos

(Cod: DMRI643)

85,00 €
(VAT Included)

Planer blades with length 154 mm

Two woodworking blades for surface & thickness planer Cosmos with length 154 mm
(Cod: DMRI485)

47,00 €
(VAT Included)

Woodworking Circular Saw Ø 200 mm and 20 teeth

Woodworking Circular Saw Ø 200 mm and 20 teeth
(Cod: DMACSC10)

37,00 €
(VAT Included)

Circular saw Z40/200

Woodworking Circular Saw Ø 200 mm and 40 teeth
(Cod: DMAC112)

39,00 €
(VAT Included)

Circular saw Z60/200

Woodworking Circular Saw Ø 200 mm and 60 teeth
(Cod: DMACSC16)

63,00 €
(VAT Included)

Circular saw Z80/200

Woodworking Circular Saw Ø 200 mm and 80 teeth
(Cod: DMACSC22)

66,00 €
(VAT Included)

Mortising 13 bits set

Mortising bits set chuck capacity of 13 mm - right rotation
(Cod: DMACP01)

52,00 €
(VAT Included)

Box Cutters

Pack consists of 12 universal milling shank 6 mm
(Cod: DMAC022)

62,00 €
(VAT Included)